The model Gales is a basic recliner with continuous seat, it means that there is no gap between the seat and foot-rest. This gives you maximum comfort. It is a wing armchair that gives an extra security and privacy.

There is an exclusive distributor of this model for Spain and France, contact us for details.


The arm-rests can be removable or fixed. The option of removable arm-rests facilitates the transfer of people to the armchair and vice versa, with the maximum safety and confort.

Its frame is made of pine and beech wood, and polished beech feet. You have the option to choose, instead of feet, wheels made of soft plastic and feature rolling precision ball bearings and anti-wire board. The mechanism is of steel painted in black epoxy and the suspension is made of high durability elastic straps 80 mm. The cushions are filled with polyurethane foam, with densities between 20 and 30 kg / m3. Besides, the seat filling is made of foam injected into mold 50 Kg/m3.
With the option of two engines electric mechanism you can get a perfect angle to hold the baby in the Kangaroo Mother Care possition.

Width 68 cm.; Height 105 cm.; Depth: 90 cm.; Seat height 45 cm. Height of legs 13cm.

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