The Pavia is a basic recliner, with the characteristics of a wing chair.


You can incorporate to your armchair if you prefer, the electric reclining system, one or two engines, or the stand-up and reclining system, also one or two engines , to help people with disabilities.

The feet are made in polished beech and trim, with a choice of the fill indestructible foam, also has the possibility to be continuous, ie, the seat and leg rest are attached with removable padding to provide cleaning work.

There is the option of polyurethane inyected seat, which gives a deformation resistance of many years. You also have the option continuous seat, ie the seat and leg rest are joined with removable padding to ease the work of cleaning.

Optional wired controller + pocket, and Ni-Mh battery (instead of electric transformer).

Width 72 cm.; Height 104 cm.; Depth: 85 cm.; Seat height 43 cm.

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