Goya is a recliner with retractable leg-rest; it remains hidden under the seat and extracted with a system of steel sheets creating an extension of the seat.

There is an exclusive distributor of this model for Spain, contact us for details.


Folding arm-rests are independent and are made of rigid polyurethane integral skin. It allows the access from both sides without any obstacle. The frame is made of pine wood. The cushions are filled with fireproof HR foam density 30 Kg/m3, and suspension by high durability elastic straps 80mm. The metal structure is painted in black, gray or white high-strength epoxy, depending on customer needs. You have the choice of four wheels, two with brakes. These are high-ranking precision plastic with ball bearings, rolling soft, and anti-wire plaque. The back-rest recline is done by a gas piston 500 N, and has multiple positions until almost create a fully horizontal position. It has a lever to recline on both sides of the chair. It attaches two supports to IV pole, and drainage bag hooks on both sides of the chair. It is a space under the chair to make cleaning easier.

Width 68 cm.; Height 115 cm.; Depth 80 cm.; Seat height 47 cm.

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