How is better to clean my leather armchair?

Leather armchairs are elegant and nice, however they can get dirty over time if they are not cleaned in the right way. Its cleaning is easy, it is just necessary to use the indicated products and take into account that it is better to clean the stain straight away to avoid the possibility to be permanent.

We recomend to use professional products for cleaning and maintenance of your leather armchair or sofa. In the arrmchair store you trust you can be recomended with the “Leather Master” products, leather armchairs from Tapicerías Navarro come with free samples so you can check its efficiency.

We can also use homemade tricks, depending on the stain itself. For example, ink stains can be eliminated with a bit of petroleum jelly or castor oil and then, after some minutes, clean them slowly with a soft cloth. For stains made with a pen or those which have been in the armchair for a while, the cleansing milk is very effective.

Other important point to keep our leather armchair in perfect conditions, is to keep the elasticity of the leather, in the “Leather Master” cleaning kit, besides the cleaning product, you will find a protective product that helps to avoid the penetration of the stains.

To keep this elasticity and the shine of the leather, you can also use, every 6 months, a common moisturize milk for the body, you just need to lay a thin layer until its complete absortion and leave to dry to avoid stains in your clothes. Other useful item is the talcum powder, which used over a whit clean cloth is very appropiate to clean the leather. Later, it is mixed in parts of two thirds and a third of turpentine essence and wax of bee, that is applied on the armchair and is left for some hours. Finally we dry the armchair with a dry and clean cloth and we will see how it recovers the sheen. Another method is to rub the armchair with cotton wetted in lanolin oil, or cleaning the armchair with a cloth moistened in white vinegar diluted in water. All these are very useful methods to keep your armchair new and shine at low-cost.

With these advice you will enjoy of your leather armchair or sofa for many years.