Riser Armchairs, definitely essential

Today we want to mention an indispensable one in homes of all those people with mobility problems who need some extra help in their day-to-day. We speak about the riser armchairs.

Have you ever thought about all the advantages these armchairs offer?

Thanks to the “Power Lift” system the armchair can rise when we are sitting down to avoid efforts or the sharp movement and it rises when we are getting up to give us impulse and free us of any injury or fall. Likewise they are very safe because the feet never lose the contact with the floor and also, thanks to the low speed, we will avoid any sensation of spinning or dizziness.

They are very resistant, comfortable and offer a very steady seat what allows us to be sitting for a long time in order that our body does not suffer.

The option of wired remote control allows the user to hold on with both hands to the armchair when he or she rises whereas a second person controls the movement of the armchair.

Our models count with the option to incorporate two engines that, unlike the option of just one engine, allow us to control the back and the leg-rest independently. The option of two engines is very attractive too because the armchair itself rises about 10 centimetres in vertical, what will facilitate us to reach the table at lunch. In this way we will not have the need to change the seat at every meal.

Another advantage these two engines offer is the possibility of getting the position called “Zero Gravity” which will allow us to rise the feet at the level of the heart and achieve optimal relaxation. This option is equally attractive because we will be able to recline the armchair until we get almost a bed.

The electronic components used in our armchairs have the CE mark, which is a sign of quality and confidence that assure a first class product. This mark guarantee us that the product meets the standards that the European Union requires.

In addition these engines have been made in Europe. They are low consumption, an aspect that interests everybody, and have low-voltage what gives us a plus of safety.

There is a great variety of models each one with characteristics more interesting than the previous one. For example there are some that do not need to be separated too much from the wall to recline. Others that offer an adjustable head-rest to achieve an optimal support of the neck and even models that offer rear wheels so we can move the armchair from one room to another.

There are wing armchairs for the lovers of the classic environments and modern armchairs with simple and dynamic lines for the fans of the most avant-garde ones.

In conclusion, whatever your style or your needs there is no excuse not to put a riser armchair in your life, the essential friend to enjoy the day in the most confortable way.

Because in Tapicerías Navarro we make your life easier.