Emily armchair

The Emily is a breastfeeding chair or reading and rest armchair. Extraordinary relaxing sensation in it rocker version. Sense how your back is well aligned and straight and you arms supported. Perfect for feed and sleep the baby.


This is an armchair that can fulfill 2 profiles: breastfeeding chair, and reading or rest chair. The Emily offers an extraordinary relaxing sensation in it rocker version (assembled on polishing beech wood legs) therefore as much the mother as the baby will sink in an incredible calm and relaxing.

Once the breastfeeding period had finished, and if you want, you can change the rocker option by a fixed polishing beech wood legs, therefore this multifunction model will be very durable.

The Emily´s style confers strenght. You will sense how your back is well aligned and straight, and your arms supported into a very natural way. The Emily will provide you the double of emotions!

Seat widht 67 cm.; Height 100 cm.; Depht 75 cm.; Seat height 45 cm.

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