The Zamora armchair has the recline system “Zero Wall”. This system does not have to be separated too far from the wall to recline; this saves space in your home.


The external lever allows you to contol the chair so you can be in a first position with raised legs and straight back to watch TV or read comfortably.

The Zamora model can incorporate an electric reclining system with different positions, and electric reclining system with stand-up, that helps people with limited mobility.

You can incorporate the option of continuous seat, which will better support the legs thanks to the pading which joins the seat with the foot-rest, or 360º swivel system..

Optional wired controller + pocket, and Ni-Mh battery (instead of electric transformer)

Width 83 cm.; Height 98 cm.; Depth 88 cm.; Seat height 45 cm.

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