Milano is a basic recliner.


This armchair has the option to incorporate, in addition to the manual recline system, an electrical system with multi-position recline, and a stand-up recline system to help people with disabilities to sit and stand without any danger.

It comes with a removable head-rest. Milano design has polished beech feet with matching armrest also covered in polished beechwood. If you desire, they can be upholstered and even you can change the colour of the wood that comes by default.

The seat can be filled with an indeformable inyected foam, and also has the possibility to be continuous, ie, the seat and leg rest are connected to a removable padded which facilitates the cleaning.

You can also choose to attach a wired control with a pocket to control it more easily, and Ni-Mh battery (instead of electric transformer).

Width 69 cm.; Height 104 cm.; Depth 86 cm.; Seat height 44 cm.

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