The Duke model is a massage armchair with electric system and two motors that will allow independent control of back-rest and leg-rest.


The sensors that activate it are hidden in the gap of the arm-rest. The seat cushion is injected polyurethane foam with a density of 50 Kg/m3. The Duke armchair features the “Zero Gravity” system that will allow you to get the “Trendelenburg” position. In this position you will have the legs and the body on an inclined plane with the head lower than the feet, doing your blood circulation easier. The 360º swivel base is made of injected aluminium.

Also the best of this model is the choice of massage. The Duke could incorporate the “Deluxe” massage system, a multiple massage roller that simulates a “shiatsu” massage. It will allow three basic types of massage with adjustable intensity and pressure:

-The Tapping massage provides a perfectly coordinated, effective tapping to stimulate the muscles of the back.

-The Kneading massage with gentle circling movements that release tension in the neck and back. It can be combined simultaneously with Tapping to get more welfare.

-The Stretching massage stimulates circulation of the intervertebral discs.

It also features three automatic programs to work the part that you need, wheter upper back, lower or entire back:

-BFM Function Flex Body Massage that rises slightly back on a spot to relieve muscle tension.

-Vibration in leg-rest to facilitate the movement of such a conflict zone. It is possible to regulate the intensity.

-Parking. This is that after finishing the massage session, the system retires for a perfect rest.

Width 66 cm.; Height 115 cm.; Depth 98 cm.; Seat height 49 cm.

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