Tribeca sofa

Sofa with great comfort, limited size and a perfect ergonomics.


Tribeca sofa provide you the same comfort as the armchair. A sofa with limited size (unit widht 55 cm), and a perfect ergonomics.

The Tribeca sofa is a recliner multifunction armchair with legsrest in which you can incorporate, if you want, the reclinering electric system with one or two motors. This two motor option allow you control independently the backrest and the legrest.

Other characteristic of this armchair is its adjustable headrest, of easy operation, that will give you largest angle of incline for the head and the neck, depending on the type of activity to make (reading, rest, relaxation, watching TV…).

The removable continuos seat improves the legs support, because of the pressure points are distribute uniformly.

You can remove the backrest and seat to clean it (follow carefully the upholstery washing instructions).

You will be able to choose between polishing beech wood legs or swivel caster with gummed surface (2 brake ones, what will avoid damage fragile surfaces like wooden flooring.

We offer you the posibility to include a wired remote and pocket to make easier the control of the armchair positions, canning also dispense with the pocket and choose the opción of the wired control with magnet, that will be held comfortably to the armrest side magnetically.

Widht seat 55cm.; Widht 2 position 132 cm.; Widht 3 position 190 cm.; Height 108 cm.; Depht 87 cm.; Seat height 44 cm.

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